How To Post/Use the Library Program Resources Sharing Space

Please read through this guide to learn how you can best use and contribute to the Library Program Resources Sharing Space. This guide has a quick intro to the space, as well as general Moodle usage information, and will help orient you. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for things to add to this guide, please contact Amelea Kim at

1. Viewing and Posting in the Sharing Space

How to View the Sharing Space

The Library Program Resources Sharing Space is viewable by anyone who has the direct course link. You do not have to log-in to view, so you can share resources with anyone you wish.

To share the full Sharing Space course, please use this link:

How to Post in the Sharing Space

To post in the Library Program Resources Sharing Space, you will need to create an account in Moodle. You can do that at, and click on "Create Account." Once you have your account, you can click into any forum space, and post a response in any discussion thread. You can see in the screenshot below that you can start new discussion thread by clicking "Add a new topic", or respond to an existing discussion thread by clicking "Discuss this topic".

Screenshot of a Moodle Forum with new topic button and discuss topic button highlighted in yellow

How to Add Attachments to Your Posts

When you click on "Discuss this topic"