Summer Reading Sharing and Discussion Forum

Summer Food Program Discussion Thread

by Amelea Kim -

This is the discussion thread for all things Summer Food Service related! You can post things like:

  • Questions about how to get involved in summer food programs
  • Ideas about partnerships and programs to do with Summer Food
  • Resources and information about summer food
  • Anything else related to summer food!

Summer Reading Performers Discussion

by Amelea Kim -

If your library has worked with a performer, speaker, or expert who you would like to recommend, please feel free to share that information here! Suggestions on information to include:

  • Performer name, bio, program description
  • Contact information, phone number, email, website
  • Pricing
  • Schedule/availability

2022 CSLP - Oceans of Possibilities

by Amelea Kim -

Here is the main discussion thread for all things 2022 Summer Reading related. Some information about the 2022 CSLP program:

  • Theme: Oceanography
  • Slogan: Oceans of Possibilities
  • Artist: Sophie Blackall

Information on Summer Reading

Ideas for Posts/Discussion

  • Kickoff events you are planning
  • How different libraries track things
  • Local partnerships you are excited about
  • Challenges/obstacles you are facing
  • Anything else summer reading related!