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Western Native Voice - Voter Registration Kiosks

by Amelea Kim -

Western Native Voice asked us to share a recording about their Online Voter Registration (OVR) initiative. The OVR portal is a way for your community members to begin the process of voter registration through an easy-to-use website. Western Native Voice talks about their OVR kiosk stations as a self-serve option. This is open to all libraries, especially those that serve Native Americans.

You can access the recording at this URL: []

Western Native Voice is a non-profit organization that provides non-partisan voter education and registration services across Montana. You can learn more about their organization and their work at []."

Broadband and Connectivity Resources

by Amelea Kim -

This is the discussion thread for anything related to broadband, internet, and connectivity. You can:

  • Post questions
  • Share resources, news, information
  • Talk about something that works at your library
  • And anything else related to this topic!

General Library Programming Discussion

by Amelea Kim -

This is the discussion thread for anything general library programming-related that doesn't fit into any other categories! You can:

  • Share resources, links, ideas
  • Talk about something that has worked well at your library
  • Troubleshoot programming with your peers

If a topic emerges in this thread that seems to be significant, we can always create another discussion thread to focus on that opic.

Anti-Racism Resources

by Amelea Kim -

For discussion, questions, and resource-sharing around anti-racism and EDI work in libraries! Some suggestions for post content:

  • Book list recommendations
  • News stories and articles
  • Questions about application of this knowledge in library work
  • Anything else for consideration!