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Access to Services, Programs, and eNetworks

This product provides a variety of services for Montana's library community. Members of the public can search ASPeN to find a nearby library or learn more about their local library. ASPeN users will be able to update their library's information, enroll in certain services, keep track of their continuing education, and complete paperwork required by the Montana State Library.



Braille and Audio Reading Download

Talking Book Library's Braille and Audio Reading Download Service

A free online braille and audio book, magazine, and other material download service for TBL patrons


Base Map Service Center

Formerly the Department of Administration's geographic and mapping services center, this group was administratively moved to the Montana State Library via Interagency agreement in September 2011. Along with NRIS it makes up the MSL Geographic Information component of the Library.



Continuing Education

Opportunities provided for personnel to improve and grow in their professions.

Learn more about MSL's Continuing Education program.


Core Service Committee

The Network Advisory Council has core services committees that are tasked with evaluation of programs and services and making recommendations about future services.


Coal Severance Tax

See MCA 15-35-108 Disposal of severance taxes 

(3) The amount of 0.90% in fiscal year 2020 and 0.93% in fiscal year 2021 and in each fiscal year thereafter must be allocated for provision of basic library services for the residents of all counties through library federations and for payment of the costs of participating in regional and national networking and must be deposited in the basic library services account established in 22-1-202.



Federal program providing discounts to eligible schools and libraries for access to telecommunications and information services, including basic local and long-distance phone services, Internet access services, and acquisition and installation of network equipment. The Universal Service Administrative Company's Schools and Libraries Division administers the E-Rate program for libraries.


Executive planning process

Process used by the Governor's budget office in preparation of the biennium budgets.


Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
The world wide leader for GIS software; the state maintains an enterprise license agreement for software purchases with this company (though, like OCLC, the company name is now just ESRI).



Federations receive funding through the Coal Severance Tax monies that the state receives. This money is divided amongst federations using a formula that is based upon population and evenly dividing the funding. ARM 10.102.5102 gives the specific formula.

Federations are guided by a federation coordinator who is responsible for leading the federation and acting as a liaison between the Montana State Library and the federation.

Montana is divided up into six regions. Libraries within those regions have formed a federation. It's a formal and informal way to network and improve library services in Montana. The six federations are:

  • Broad Valleys
  • Golden Plains
  • Pathfinder
  • Sagebrush
  • South Central
  • Tamarack

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