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Master of Library and Information Science


Montana Library Network


Master of Library Science

Montana History Portal

The Montana History Portal encourages cultural institutions to digitize historic and contemporary resources reflecting Montana's rich cultural heritage and to make them freely available for lifelong learning.

Prior to February 2023, this site was known as the Montana Memory Project (MMP).

Montana Land Information Advisory Council

Montana Land Information Advisory Council (MLIAC)

The Montana Land Information Advisory Council (MLIAC), as required by statute, advises the State Librarian and the State Library Commission on issues related land information, on the priority of land information, including data layers to be developed, on the development and management of the Montana Land Information Act grant process and on the distribution of funds collected in the Montana Land Information Account.   

The Council assists the State Library to identify, evaluate, and prioritize requests received from state agencies, local governments, and Indian tribal government entities to provide development and maintenance of services relating to the GIS and land information. 

The Council promotes coordination of programs, policies, technologies, and resources to maximize opportunities, to minimize duplication of effort, and to facilitate the documentation, distribution, and exchange of land information.  Finally, the Council advocates for the development of consistent policies, standards, and guidelines for land information.


Montana Shared Catalog


Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure


 Montana State Digital LibraryThe "traditional" division of the library, MSDL staff manage collections, respond to reference requests, and provide access to a large variety of information with an emphasis on online access . LIS, NRIS and NHP are programs of MSDL.


Acronym and abbreviation used for Montana State Library.


MSLC - Montana State Library Commission
The Governing body for Montana State Library. The governor appoints five members and two members are designees from the Office of Public Instruction and the Commissioner of Higher Education. Refer MCA 22-1-101.
Also referred to as MLC.

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