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Online Computer Library Center

Nonprofit library service and research organization located in Dublin, Ohio, used by libraries to catalog library materials, manage interlibrary loans and maintain location information on library materials. In Montana, many libraries of all types use the OCLC bibliographic database for cataloging, interlibrary loan and reference.


Online Public Access Catalog

Automated catalog providing patron access through computers. See also PAC.


One Time Only 

A phrase used when the legislature or Governor's budget office agrees to fund a program or service for one year or one biennium only. A new request would have to be filed to get funding beyond the one year.



Public Land Survey System



Request for Proposal is a term used in soliciting official bids for goods and services.


Real Time Network



State Accounting, Budget, and Human Resource System


Senate Bill

Usually associated with a number and refers to a bill introduced in the Montana Senate.

Look up drafts, bills, and other information on the Montana Legislature webpage.


Species Occurrence

A mapped representation of a known occurrence of a Species of Concern that typically includes an associated circular area of locational uncertainty concerning its exact location. Animal Species Occurrences usually include areas around the observation that represent a typical home range size for the species; suitable habitats within this area are likely occupied by the species.


Species of Concern
A special designation used by NHP to denote plants and animals that are at risk or potentially at risk.

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