Participants will
  • Learn about MSL Mission, Values, and Tenets
  • Learn about MSL Programs
  • Learn how to access MSL Resources
  • Learn about the history of the agency
Estimated Course Length: 1 hour
Continuing Education Credits: 1 for Library Administration
Course Open Date: January 9, 2023

This course was designed by the Montana State Library Consultants for public library trustees and directors. This is the first course in the "Trustee Essentials" series.

Participants will

Gain knowledge of the defined roles of trustees' and how those roles support the functions of a public library.

Gain knowledge of the Montana Code Annotated that relate to the support and management of public libraries.

  • Estimated course length: 1 hour
  • Continuing Education Units: 1 credit in Library Administration
  • Course Open Date: March 7, 2023

Most public libraries in Montana are connected to a city or county. Even independent library districts created under Montana Code Annotated Title 22, Chapter 1, Part 7 must work with the county for levying the money needed to fund the library and for election of board members.

While Montana law has given most public library boards a fair amount of authority, the governance structure of the library and the form of local government influences how that authority works. It’s important to understand the structure of your city or county’s local government. Knowing who does what and what laws they must follow helps you get your work done while building strong, positive relationships with your local government officials.

Participants will

  • Learn about different forms of local government and about how the form of government impacts the library
  • Learn about the work of key local government officials and how the library interacts with those officials
  • Be able to better understand some of the sources of tension between local government and library boards and why they exist
  • Learn about techniques for managing areas of tension

Estimated course length: 1-hour

Continuing Education Units: 1 credit in Library Administration

Course Open Date: March 31, 2023